Is financial assistance available?

We understand the financial commitment seeking a graduate degree requires and we work hard to lessen the financial burden for our students.  Thus, all accepted students receive partial tuition scholarships in the summer, fall, and spring semesters.  Scholarships are renewed annually based on the recipient continuing in good academic standing according to the Graduate School guidelines. Please reach out to DFP Program Director Cara Pilson for more details.

For the most up-to-date information on tuition and costs, you can view the Graduate School Cost & Financial Aid page. But again, keep in mind, you will not pay the full tuition rates noted on this page.

You are also encouraged to explore all avenues of financial support, including Federal Financial Aid.  For financial aid information and questions, please email

In addition, we work to connect students with on-campus graduate student job opportunities to help offset tuition costs.

Do I need to have experience in film/video production to apply to the program?

No. While some previous experience in media production is certainly helpful, we are primarily interested in students who bring a variety of experiences and a passion for storytelling to the program. Thus, our students have come from backgrounds as varied as field biology, history, sociology and environmental science… and many have never touched a camera or used an editing program.

What are you looking for in the statement of interest?

We are looking for you to provide deeper insight into your academic and professional background, what draws you to visual storytelling, what you hope to learn in the program, and what your filmmaking goals are. In short, tell us your story and tell us about the stories you hope to tell as a filmmaker.

Do I need to provide my own equipment?

While it is advisable that you bring an up-to-date laptop into the program, we provide state-of-the art video equipment and editing facilities and software, as well as access to studio space.

Who better to answer some of your questions than students? Check out DFP student responses to Program FAQs.