Chicken Soup for the Soil at RiverRun

We are thrilled that the RiverRun International Film Festival will feature Brandon Gaesser’s (MFA ’21) thesis film, Chicken Soup for the Soil.  The film follows the journey of the soil beneath our feet and the efforts of North Carolina farmers Suzanne Nelson and Rachel Herrick to rehabilitate it one pasture at a time. But most unique to this film is that the main cast is not entirely human; the soil and livestock are characters as well. Both Suzanne’s and Rachel’s missions are to inspire land stewardship and livestock management to help reverse climate change. These are grassroots farms with global impact. 

You will have two opportunities to catch the film in the North Carolina Shorts, Program I: Documentaries on Thursday, April 20 at 4:00. The screening take place at the Reynolds Place Theatre, Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts, 251 N. Spruce Street.  You can also screen the film online.