Sheridan Participates in Sessions on Newsroom Leadership

Sheridan PoynterThere has never been a more urgent need for a free and active press, and there has never been a more challenging time to be leading a newsroom.  From accusations of “fake news” to the disruptions brought about by the changing business models, thoughtful, conscious, consistent leadership has never been more important. Chris Sheridan, Coordinator of the MA Sports Media & Storytelling program spoke about that importance in two-panel discussions and presentations this week.  Drawing on his 20+ years as a newsroom leader and his extensive study of effective leadership he joined CNN Executive Vice President Andrew Morse and the Wall Street Journal’s Sarah Sabil for a panel discussion at the University of Texas Moody College of Communication – New York Campus.

Sheridan then flew down to the Poynter Insititute in Tampa where he is a Corporate Trainer.  He co-led a workshop aimed at improving the work environment in newsrooms and preventing sexual harassment as part of the Institute’s Leadership Academy for Women in Media.

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