Third Year Student Reflects on Her Summer With Cabin Creek Films

This summer, third-year DFP student, Camie Bargerstock interned at Cabin Creek Films in New York City. Camie worked alongside documentary filmmaker, Barbara Kopple, who founded the production house, and a former student of the DFP faculty, David Cassidy, who is now a producer at Cabin Creek.

“I got an insider look at the tremendous amount of time and energy that goes into making a film,” Camie said. “Each member of the team works closely together and I learned the importance of having a good grasp of all aspects of filmmaking. Every day the producers are juggling several projects at all stages of development.”

Camie’s internship focused on research for several films in pre-production and development, along with logging, transcribing, and conducting research for a documentary currently in production.

“They prepare a binder for each film project filled with detailed research on the story, backstory, potential characters, contacts, and partnerships,” she said. “They are aligned, ready to take on their films with a fresh voice, clear mission, and solid understanding of their point of view.”

Camie notes that along with the storytelling and production skills she has attained at the Documentary Film Program, she walked away from her internship with a new sense of pride in her own voice and potential as a filmmaker.

“Working alongside Barbara made me more brave and willing to take risks,” Camie said. “She made me realize there is no need to wait, that I can tell a powerful story now.”

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