Former Florida Students Career Updates

Semi Aboud (2001)
Vice-President of Talent Development, Pilgrim Media

John Aldrich (2000)
Instructor, Austin School of Film

Ashanti Allen  (2001)
Corporate Communications, Bermuda

Benito Aragon (2002)
Publisher and co-founder, New Mexico Mercury

Kim Bauldree (2003)
Adjunct Instructor, University of Florida

Beth Baunoch (2006)
Instructor, Community College of Baltimore County

Chris Brannan (2008)
Freelance Editor, Los Angeles

Isaac Brown  (2006)
Independent filmmaker, Jellyfish Smack Productions

David Cassidy (2002)
Producer, Cabin Creek Films

Bill Clarke (2006)
Editor/Videographer/Director, Mountain Lake PBS

Kathy Craven (2007)
Department Chair, Full Sail University

Genevieve Croteau (2005)
VP Development, Story House Productions

Allyson Beutke DeVito (2000)
Instructional Communication, University of Kentucky

Diana Donnelly  (2006)
Associate Producer, National Geographic

Boaz Dvir (2008)
Senior Lecturer in Film and Journalism, Penn State University

Chrisann Silver Esformes (2003)
Owner, Silver Video

Natalie Edler Einterz (2009)
Finishing Editor, Sympoz Productions

Mary Fallon (2005)
Multimedia producer, writer and communications strategist for business and non-profits at Criterium Communication and Communications Consultant at Rezolve Group and Student Aid Services, Inc.

Eric Flagg (2006)
Coordinator, Digital Media Technology, Santa Fe College

Robin Maxey Gaucher (2001)
Owner, Robin Gaucher Photography

Rebecca Goldman (2008)
Casting/Story Producer, Pink Sneakers Production

Ana Paula Habib  (2009)
Independent Filmmaker JellyFish Smack Productions

Fredline M’Cormack Hale (2000)
Assistant Professor, Seton Hall University

Shane Hamstra (2007)
Online Training Producer, RTI International

Jon Jensen  (2005)
Producer, CNN International

Sandra Krasa (2002)
Owner, Wise Eye Media, Inc.

Kory Krinsky (2007)
Associate Producer, National Geographic

Yvonne Lai  (2005)
Assignment Editor, ABC News

Sean Lewis (2004)
Documentary Cinematographer, London, UK

Scott Litvack (2000)
SEO manager, Prime Visibility (Digital Marketing)

Rana Martin (2001)
Executive Producer, Cut & Run NY

Michael Nichols (2009)
Producer/ Editor Blowback Productions

Suzanne Niedland DeGeorge (2004)
Independent Filmmaker

Chris O’Brien (2002)
Owner, Riggraam Productions

Jacqueline Olive (2007)
Director and Multimedia Producer, Tell It Media

Jason Osder (2001)
Assistant Professor, George Washington University

Yelena Packwood (2009)
Marketing/Sales, Business Bermuda

Donna Pazdera (2003)
Lecturer, University of Texas Pan-American

Clarke Pettig (2005)
Political Communications, The Harbour Group

Michelle Phillips (2005)
International Correspondent, Discovery Reports

Jolene Pinder (2007)
Executive Director, New Orleans Film Society

Sarah Prior (2004)
Field Producer, CBS News

Dave Randag (2008)
Development Producer/Editor, Sharp Entertainment

Laureen Ricks (2008)
News Photographer, Cox Media Group

Liz Roden (2007)
Media Project Manager, Pearson Education

Monica Bigler Rosier (2004)
Assistant Director, Career Development, CRC Center

Todd Southern (2003)
Managing Director of Multimedia Education, Uplift Media

Jake Springfield (2005)
Director of Photography and Owner of PeopleMover, a New Orleans based production house.

Anberin Pahsa Stevanovic
Story Editor, Constantine Entertainment

David Striepe (2002)
Senior Manager, Programming/Strategic Operations, Cartoon Network

Autumn Tarleton (2006)
Freelance Producer and editor

Carlos Torres (2009)
Associate Producer, Ogilvy & Mather

Tom Tripp  (2002)
Digital Media Producer, UC Berkeley

Angela Vigil (2001)
Internal Communications Manager, City of Jacksonville

Lee Waldrep (2001)
Independent Filmmaker, South Carolina

Yue Wang  (2000)
CCTV, China

Houston Wells (2001)
Producer, Digital Lighthouse Productions

Kristen Wernicke Benitez (2009)
Co-Founder/Executive Producer, Reader Films

Bianca White (2002)
Director of EW 21st Century Community Learning Centers and Documentary Producer at ReelBlack

Tre Whitlow  (2007)
Director, HABESHA Inc.

Joshua Woltermann (2009)
Associate Producer, Steeplechase Films

Leah Woodward (2005)
Training Coordinator, DART Center

Sarah Zaman (2007)
Producer, VOA Urdu